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Graduation Bouquet And Flowers For Graduation

Truth be told, graduation ceremonies are among the most noteworthy events in our life. It is held to commemorate one's achievement in successfully completing an academic chapter and the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. On this much-anticipated day, we can finally say goodbye for the last time to our classmates and friends before we part ways to begin a new chapter of our life. On this momentous day, our loved ones are also welcome to join us as we celebrate this special occasion. Graduation ceremonies provide enormous satisfaction and comfort as we had to undergo challenging moments - all for the much-deserved certificate. Hence, receiving hugs and gifts from loved ones is rewarding and gratifying.

We know from experience that graduation ceremonies are somewhat incomplete without a breath-taking graduation flower bouquet. For an added 'pop' factor, simply add a graduation balloon! Graduation flowers not only glam up photoshoots, but they also serve as a reminder to your giftee of how much they mean to you. Moreover, graduation flower bouquets send positive messages of pride, encouragement, admiration, and the like. With the plethora of graduation bouquets offered at 24Hrs City Florist, you are sure to be spoiled with choice! Fret not – our frequently asked questions (FAQ) will guide you through the selection process to ensure you get the perfect graduation flowers. We can already envision you walking out with the ideal graduation bouquet that is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face(s)!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are graduation bouquets suitable for guys, too?

Technically speaking, of course! Flowers have been given to women and men for generations, dating back to the Victorian era. Flowers hold special meaning and symbolise a variety of attributes, ranging from admiration to approbation. In today's day and age, fewer people comply with gender conventions. However, if you prefer a more manly bouquet, you can follow these steps.

To begin, consider flowers in rich and bold colours. Alumni, Shi Jin, and Tuxedo bouquets, as well as ones with comparable hues, will undoubtedly make him appear dashing. Now that we have gone through the shades, you can explore flowers in an unusual arrangement, such as the Monster Inc Bouquet, Elmo Graduating, or the classic Quirky Graduation Bouquet - they will undoubtedly amuse him in ways you can never imagine.

Flowers such as baby's breath and roses show elegance and kindness. Instead, look for bouquets that include more gerberas and sunflowers. Gerberas reflect vigour and youth, whereas sunflowers symbolise loyalty and cheerfulness. They are the ideal complement to convey his attributes. This will definitely make him appreciate your lovely gesture regardless of the flower bouquet.


2. How can I select the best graduation flower arrangement for a friend or loved one?

It is truly simple! Do you have an idea of your loved ones or friends' favourite flowers?

We provide a vast range of flowers, including fresh-cut and preserved flower bouquets. The sunflower: an easy and quick floral choice for graduation. Sunflowers are cheery and radiate positive emotions with their bright yellow petals. Known as 'happy flowers,' sunflowers make an ideal graduation flower option to commemorate this momentous occasion. To make the gift all the more eye-catching, simply add a graduation balloon to your flower bouquet selection when checking out the shopping cart!

Alternatively, do you know what their favourite cartoon or movie is? If yes, it might prove to come in useful. Star Wars enthusiasts might appreciate a good Yoda Bouquet paired with you quipping, "may the Force be with you." At 24Hrs City Florist, we offer bouquets that resemble popular movies and cartoons, such as Minions, Sesame Street, and Winnie The Pooh. If the graduates are a fan of cute things and soft toys, then a Quirky Graduation Bouquet or a bouquet with a stuffed graduation animal with its adorable faces can do just the trick.

Does the person you are giving the flowers to have a preference for specific colours or palettes? Those who love elegant colours such as tiffany blue will surely bask in the Tiffany Blue Rose 9. On the other hand, pastel aesthetic aficionados will love flowers with charming pastel presentations. Additionally, we provide many bouquets with vivid and rich accents, so if your loved one appreciates a little bit of everything, rainbow-coloured bouquets are sure to captivate them.

The preferences for flowers may reflect personality as well! Those with extroverted friends can consider venturing into vibrant or unconventional bouquets. On the contrary, we recommend pastel-coloured blooms or ones with sophisticated or soft patterns and hues for reserved individuals.

Essentially, choosing flowers based on their favoured colour, item, or even personality is enough to convey your thoughtfulness.


3. Which flower bouquets for graduation are currently in-trend?

Many bouquets on our website are currently trendy. Popular bouquets include those with sunflowers, bouquets embellished in Baby's Breath, and bouquets containing graduation plushies.


4. What if I have a limited budget for graduation gifts?

24Hrs City Florist strives to provide everyone with inexpensive bouquets crafted with love. Graduation bouquets start at $69 and include free delivery - perfect for those seeking an affordable graduation flower delivery in Singapore. Thus, be assured that you may narrow down your options on our category page depending on your preferred budget. Simply select 'UNDER $80,' 'UNDER $100,' or 'UNDER $150' to view bouquets within your price range. You may also choose to 'Design Your Own Bouquet,' in which the bouquet pricing is set by the primary flower, wrapping (optional), and bouquet of choice. What's more, our items are not subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST).


5. When is the best time to have the graduation bouquet delivered, or can I self-collect at the outlet instead?

Are you a busy bee who is in search of a graduation flower delivery in Singapore? If that is the case, it is ideal to deliver bouquets between 1 to 2 days before Graduation Day to ensure they stay fresh and primed for gifting. At 24Hrs City Florist, we offer free delivery for purchases made online during office hours. Otherwise, you can either cash-and-carry or self-collect at our retail outlet (161 Lavender Street, #01-05, Singapore 338750).



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